Methodical Medical Record Analysis

Let me save you valuable time and resources by assessing the merits of your case before you even commit and accept the case. As a nurse, I understand the complicated healthcare system and electronic medical records. My services include:

medical record review
  • Review medical records to assess for merit
  • Prepare chronologies of pertinent events in the medical records
  • Summarize medical records
  • Conduct medical literature search and integrate information into case analysis
  • Define applicable standards of care
  • Identify deviations for and adherence to the applicable standards of care
  • Assess the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages and/or injuries
  • Ascertain and recommend potential defendants
  • Identify additional documents for discovery
  • Detect tampering of records

Support your case

Allow me to apply my nursing experience to ensure you have all the essential facts to achieve a successful outcome for your clients. My Services include:

  • Assist in preparation of interrogatories
  • Help in preparation for deposition
  • Review, analyze, and digest deposition testimony
  • Attend deposition, trials, review panel and arbitration and medical hearings
  • Conduct medical literature search and integrate information into case analysis
  • Assist in demonstrative evidence preparation
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Defense Medical Exam (DME) /
Independent Medical Exam (IME)

An Independent Medical Examination can be anything but independent. Defense counsels rely heavily on DME in order to dispute the severity of a claim. Once the DME physician has prepared a report which unfairly depicts the plaintiff’s examination, there is little that can be done to refute this. Do not leave your client unaccompanied -- have a nurse advocate on your side at the DME. As and experienced nurse, I can assure the adherence to all civil codes of procedure and am witness to what actually occurred in the exam. My services include:

  • Execute your requirements for the exam
  • Prepare a concise, detailed report of what transpired
  • Provide video/audio recording of the complete examination
  • Testify about discrepancies between what occurred in the exam versus what the physician claimed occurred.
  • Prepare your client for the exam and protect them from revealing information that may impact the outcome of your case

Expert Witnesses

Strengthen your case by allowing me to locate the best medical and nursing expert. I have an extensive network of expert nurses, doctors, and allied health providers actively working in their field and up to date on the latest medical technology.

Doctors and nurses with experience in the field are best suited to explain complicated medical issues encountered in your case. They can speak directly to the merits of your claim or defense, making their opinions on key points of contention much stronger than that of an individual without health care expertise.

My services include:

  • Locating and interfacing with expert witnesses
  • Selecting the best expert witness to help get the results you need
  • Analyzing and comparing expert witness reports and other work products
  • Helping prepare witnesses and experts for deposition and trial
Expert witness

What Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with Jean on many complex first-degree murder cases. She is an invaluable part of the team from medical chronology to identifying issues and vetting experts. Jean can integrate her medical knowledge into the legal process. She's the missing link.”

Natalee Segal 1
Natalee Segal

“I have worked with Jean Cooper for many years on legal teams handling the most serious and complex medical issues. She is experienced and insightful and works well with diverse groups of professionals. AND she has a lot of letters behind her name. “

Christopher Dupont (we/us)

Trautman Dupont PLC

"Jean has been an irreplaceable asset to my medical litigation practice since 2007.  In 45 years of practice, I have found no one with her intellectual curiosity and her need to grow professionally, whether on the side of plaintiffs or defendants. I recommend her without reservation."

Calvin L. Raup
Calvin L. Raup, Esq.

"I have worked with Jean on medical malpractice lawsuits for over 25 years. She is without question the best Nurse Consultant with whom I have worked. Jean’s experience and knowledge makes her analysis of a case invaluable. Her insightful interpretation of medical records and ability to focus on the critical facts and issues pertinent to the client’s claims or defenses has allowed me to provide my clients the advice, counsel, and representation they deserve. Over the years, I have come to rely on Jean’s ability to identify potential discovery and additional claims/defenses because they often lead to favorable resolutions. Jean is incredibly responsive, efficient, and a superb researcher of the pertinent medical literature. Her work product is organized, readily accessible, and understandable. She has saved me from countless hours of work and has eased the burden of deposition and trial preparation. The excellent results my clients have had on medical negligence cases is a direct result of Jean’s work and assistance."

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